Agriculture ERP

Farming nowadays is a complex managerial task that imposes stringent requirements on farm management information systems.

We provide different types of ERP systems specifically tailored to the needs and characteristics of different agricultural businesses. Manage your business by tracking crop cycles, diseases, fertilizers, workforce, etc. Coordinating the supply chain, seasons and scheduling of employees and equipment is essential for agricultural efficiency. Our ERP solution gives you functional data at each phase of planning and production:

  • Crops planted
  • Cost information
  • Planting and sowing data
  • Fertilization data
  • Production forecasts
  • Tasks and employee data
  • Farm machinery management
  • Warehouse management
  • Intelligent reporting system

Automating farm operations provides work efficiencies, freeing you up to optimize key processes across procurement, transport, and quality control. Our ERP solution is user-friendly, removing barriers to gaining insights. A range of out-of-the box tools are combined with the leading data analysis platform to deliver compelling data-driven knowledge that support rapid, strategic decisions.