Applied research

Applied research seeks to solve a specific problem or provide innovative solutions to issues affecting an individual, group or society. It is a scientific method of inquiry or contractual research because it involves the practical application of scientific methods to everyday problems.

We brings together organizations, researchers and students to collaborate on projects that use new knowledge to solve specific challenges with practical applications. Project outcomes often lead to innovative products and services that benefit our economy and society. We provide vital support for the agriculture industry through applied research and consulting services. These services are centered on areas of aquaculture, crop production, animal husbandry, IoT and Robotics. We provide our customers with access to first-hand research data on unique technologies.

We provide the following types of research:

  • Evaluation Research. We analyze information about the subject to reach informed decisions.
  • Research and Development. We focus on developing new products and services based on the needs of target markets by gathering information about marketing needs and finding ways to improve on an existing product or create new products.
  • Action Research. We provide practical solutions to specific business problems by pointing the business in the right directions.

Our target is to:

  • Increase the adoption of new agricultural technologies and practices in Africa
  • To provide farmers with more tools for decision-making
  • Develop and maintain an adequate level of infrastructure and expertise for applied research and demonstration in Arica
  • Increase public awareness of agriculture's role in environment and the overall economy