Chemometric services

Spectra contain high volumes of information, with subtle differences, which are very difficult to interpret by visual inspection only. We specialize in providing food authenticity testing services using specialized food fraud and substitution analysis technologies. Chemometrics is used to compare and analyze the spectral fingerprint. We use chemometrics to make sense of the spectral fingerprints produced by the spectrometer. In lab-based testing, we interpret the data that comes out from the chemometric model and decide if it is an authentic or adulterated sample. In the portable solution the software will automatically interpret the results and give an “authentic” or “suspicious” answer so no need for you to interpret yourself.

Our chemometrics tools and platforms can help you to:

  • Identify materials
  • Detect food fraud
  • Monitor supply quality
  • Detect mixture composition
  • Determine product homogeneity
  • Determine expected product shelf-life
  • Determine physical-chemical properties

Having an extensive expertise in AI and Machine Learning technologies we provide chemometrics solutions that are extremely precise and scalable.